Text cryptocurency to everyone around the world

Instantly send BitcoinZ (BTCZ) to every phone without internet

Easy to use

Set up a new wallet by texting START at +1 201 987 7007 (Swiss number). You will get your address by texting RECEIVE. Add or receive BTCZ to your address. Begin texting money to your friend's phone numbers. TxtZ settles all transactions directly on the BTCZ blockchain and you can view the balance of your address at anytime by entering it into a blockchain explorer.


Get started by texting TxtZ or when someone sends BTCZ to your phone. No apps, accounts or passwords needed. If you can text, you can receive and send crypto!


Access your wallet without Internet using SMS commands. Recipient doesn't need a wallet to receive funds.


Send BTCZ to any text-enabled phone like a Nokia 3210, a desktop or a smartphone wallet for low fees.


Exchange your BTCZ into telephony credit (*), exchange it with friends for a drink or also in online exchanges.

About BitcoinZ and TxtZ

TxtZ is a for-purpose project to make cryptocurrency easy to use to expand economic freedom around the world. The ability to transact digital currency without Internet, apps, accounts or complicated addresses offers the simplest way to introduce new users to cryptocurrency and opens global market opportunities for billions of underbanked people. Even feature-phone users will be able to use cryptocurrency. By the end of 2019, Txtz will reach billions of people around the world with text-enabled phones in their own language and denominated in their local currency. We will also developing a full suite of tools for merchants and charities, gaming and sports betting and other wallet solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Building the solutions we want to see in the world. Help us spread adoption!

Quick instructions

We are on the finale test phase of the platform and the TxtZ is for now reserved for early adopter. In a couple of week, you will have the choice of many phone number in your country. Join the beta testers or stay informed on Discord.

START Command

Use the START command as entry point. Your wallet will automatically be configured.
SMS to the number :+1 201 987 7007:

BALANCE command

Use the BALANCE command the get your balance at any time. Remember that you need to have the transactions validated to show the exact balance.

SEND command

IT is realy easy to send found to an other user ! Just use the SEND command followed by the amount and the receiver's address or phone number.
Example: SEND 500 BTCZ_addressorSEND 4.25677 +123456789

RECEIVE commande

Use the RECEIVE command to get your BTCZ founding address. Remember that the private key is remaining on the server, so don't use TxtZ for long term storage.


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