How can I get a BitcoinZ Wallet with TxtZ?

You can get a "TxtZ SMS Wallet" by sending START command by SMS at this numbers:

  • +1 201 987 7007 (Swiss number)

A confirmation message will be sent back to you with your public founding address. Your founding address can be received by sending the RECEIVE command. Your friends are now able to send you BTCZs, either using this address, or using your phone number.

How can I add funds to my TxtZ SMS Wallet?

Your Wallet is able to receive funds from any type of BitcoinZ Wallet by using your public founding address. Your friends, using TxtZ, can send you funds by sending the SEND command by SMS:

  • SEND <value> <receiver> <optional: message>
  • SEND 1500 +41005554433 For your books
  • SEND 1500 t1tsdfsdfkwekdfDSFDSfhfdsf87dsfDSFSDFdsfewfz87sdf For your books

If you try to send funds using an unregistered phone number in the platform, the funds will not be transferred and an SMS invitation will be sent to the person mentioning that you invite him to try TxtZ.

Any receipt of funds will be notified by SMS to the owner of the public address. You can always use the command BALANCE to see the balance of your Wallet.

How can I withdraw funds on my Wallet?

You may at any time transfer part or all of your funds using the command SEND and specifying a destination address of your others Wallets (desktop, Android, exchange,…):

  • SEND ALL t1sdfsdfkwekdfDSFDSfhfdsf87dsfDSFSDFdsfewfz87sdf

We are currently working on some projects with telephony operators (locally) in order to be able to withdraw a limited amount of funds directly in cash or in the form of telephony credit.

What is the cost of using TxtZ?

We try to keep the user fees for the platform as low as possible and that's for this reason that we only charge 0.0001 BTCZ fees on SEND command.

Registration and creation of your Wallet, invitations as well as reception messages from funding are not subject to fees. In order not use SMS traffic unnecessarily, some restriction rules are however imposed.

Is this cost fair and sustainable, how can it be known?

We transparently display the amount of SMS sent, the average cost of the platform according to SMS fees worked by the platform and the amount collected by the SEND fees as well as donations.

Any supplement will be redistributed for promotions of TxtZ. The amount fees can therefore be adjusted with 10 days' notice sent to accounts with a balance greater than 0.

Can I buy BitcoinZ directly from TxtZ?

We are planning to start working with telephone operators (locally) in order to be able to exchange telephony credits in BTCZ and vice-versa.

But for now, any exchange in local currency must obligatorily go through an exchanges.