Available Commands

These different commands can be used to configure and manage your TxtZ SMS Wallet :

  • START Automatic configuration of your Wallet
  • HELP Help on available commands
  • RECEIVE Display your receipt address
  • SEND Send funds to a correspondent
  • BALANCE View the current balance of your account


The start command allows you to configure your SMS Wallet on the TxtZ platform. A confirmation will be sent once the registration has been successfully completed. This command is your point of entry on the platform and you will not be able to use TxtZ without having made this command first.


The command allows you to display the available commands.


The command allows you to display your reception address as well as a memo reminding you that your friends can send you funds using your phone number.

BALANCE <Optional: currency code>

The BALANCE command allows you to view the current balance of your Wallet. By default, this command displays the balance in BTCZ and US Dollars. However, it is possible to display the amount in different currency.

SEND <amount> <address or phone> <Optional: memo>

The SEND command allows you to send money to another BTCZ Wallet. Funds can be sent using a BTCZ public address or using the correspondent's phone number.

If the recipient of the phone number is not yet registered on the TxtZ platform, the recipient will receive an invitation message from you: “Your friend (+41005554433) invites you to use TxtZ SMS Wallet to receive from hem. Send START by SMS to +41790000000 to begin.”

Other information

When receiving funds on your public address, a message will inform you of the transfer and your balance. And this for funds sent from any Wallet BTCZ (Android, Desktop, ...).

When the funds are sent from the TxtZ platform, you will always receive an acknowledgment message for each transfer run successfully. If the funds are sent from another Wallet BTCZ system, the number of fund receipt messages can be limited per day: